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Friday, May 11, 2012

New! GameMonster Version 2!

Hi guys, it's been a long time since a updated this site. And today, I'm going to inform you all that GameMonster has been upgraded to version 2! So, what will version 2 is offering to you all? Visit it to check it out!

In version 2, you will get to download all sorts of anime, games and vocaloid musics! However,you will not find any psp and nds games to download there. Since ps vita and 3ds has been released, psp and nds console are dying. Also there are anti-piracy act against file hosting sites such as Megaupload, causing most of the games uploaded have been deleted. So, it's a hard task to re-upload and re-finding them. But don't worry,once the ps vita and 3ds are modded/ jail break, or there are emulators popping out, GameMonster will be on the move again! There will be a renovation of this site,or even a version 3...So, don't forget to visit here often for updates. By the ways, since you are here, why don't you visit and grab yourselves some songs and musics?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix Patch Needed!

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix will be released on 20th January 2011,but the iso have been leaked today.To download it,go to the PSP ISO Download section.

However,there is a problem:Like the first release of Japanese Birth By Sleep,Square Enix has again place an anti-piracy in the game,making the game unplayable on the latest custom firmware,that is 5.50 Prometheus-4.The solution is to find the way to patch this game or wait for a new custom firmware to be released,that is the 6.35PRO-A created by a Chinese developer,Virtuous Flame.This post will be used to update the patch or any solution created to make Birth By Sleep Final Mix playable.

The patch have been released!Download the patch,get an untouched(clean) iso and rename it cvn-khbbsfm.iso,then run the patch!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep [USA] Leaked

An English version leaked!Download it now and play it before its official release!This game will be working on 5.50 Prometheus v4.

Please upgrade your firmware to 5.50 Prometheus-2 for more game compatibility.

Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3
Download Part 4
Download Part 5
Download Part 6
Download Part 7
Download Part 8
Download Part 9
Download Part 10
Download Part 11
Download Part 12
Download Part 13
Download Part 14
Download Part 15

Download 5.50 Prometheus v4

Download 5.50 Prometheus-2

*Links updated!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep [PSP] Beta Working Patch V0.5

This patch is confirmed fully working without any bugs in it.However,some of you may unable to get this patch work.If this happen,please update your PSP firmware version or check whether you did anything wrong in the steps below.

Ad-Hoc mode have been fixed!Now you can play with your friends!For those who have used patch V0.3,just download the new EBOOT from Step 3 and overwrite it with UMDGen.Then save your new ISO and replace it in your PSP.

Newly released KHBBS plugin now supports God Eater!For those who used V0.4 plugin,just download the new plugin in Step 4 and overwrite the old one with it

What you need:
1)Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep clean ISO
4)KHBBS plugins
5)A KHBBS savegame
6)Hex edited EBOOT

Step 1
Download Kingdom Hearts BBS ISO
Download Part 1
Download Part 2

Step 2
Download UMDGen here.Using UMDGen,open the BBS iso you have downloaded.Go to PSP_GAME/USRDIR/ and extract BBS1.DAT,BBS2.DAT and BBS3.DAT to the root of your memorystick.For example,you PSP is X:\.Then it will be

Download dnas_decryptor and extract it to X:\PSP\GAME.Make sure your memorystick still remains more than 700MB free space after you extract the BBS1.DAT,BBS2.DAT and BBS3.DAT.

Run the dnas_decryptor from your PSP.If you see a black screen its alright,the progress can take ~10 min, when its finshed it goes back to the xmb.Active USB Mode, in the root of your memorystick should be 6 files : BBS1.DAT BBS2.DAT BBS3.DAT ; BBS1_DEC.DAT,BBS2_DEC.DAT and BBS3_DEC.DAT.(NOTE:IF YOU ENABLED THE KHBBS.PRX YOU NEED TO DISABLE IT TO PREVENT THE PLUGIN DISTURBING THE DNAS_DECRYPTOR.YOU WILL GET A 0KB BBS1_DEC.DAT,BBS2_DEC.DAT and BBS3_DEC.DAT IF YOU DID NOTR DISABLE IT)


Step 3
Using UMDGen,open the iso again.Next,go to File->File List->Export and save it as BBS.txt.Then,go to PSP_GAME\USRDIR and delete BBS1.DAT,BBS2.DAT and BBS3.DAT and copy BBS1_DEC.DAT,BBS2_DEC.DAT and BBS3_DEC.DAT to URSDIR.Rename them BBS1.DAT, BBS2.DAT and BBS3.DAT accordingly.

Download the hex edited EBOOT.Go to PSP_GAME\SYSDIR\ and paste the downloaded EBOOT.When asked to overwrite,choose yes.

Next go to File -> Filelist -> Import and choose BBS.txt which you exported.When asked do you want to force file positions to match FileList positions?Click yes.After that,save your newly patched iso and you can delete the BBS1_DEC.DAT, BBS2_DEC.DAT and BBS3_DEC.DAT in your memorystick.(NOTE:DO NOT REMOVE THE USB CONNECTION WHEN UMDGen IS GENERATING THE NEW ISO.IF NOT,YOU WILL GET AN ERROR BECAUSE IT IS COPYING THE DATA OF BBS1_DEC.DAT,BBS2_DEC.DAT and BBS3_DEC.DAT FROM YOUR MEMORYSTICK)

Step 4
Download the plugins here.Extract and copy them to the root of your memorystick without changing anything in it.Click yes if asked to overwrite.

Last Step
Download the savegame file and copy the folder to X:/psp/savedata/

Copy the new ISO to the memorystick iso folder and now you can enjoy playing it!

Monday, September 21, 2009

How To Get Free Cash Cards For Online Games(Fast Method)

Recently,I have discovered a fast method to get free online cash card.If you are interested,follow to steps below:

First,you need a paypal or alertpay account
Register paypal
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Then,register at this site:
Register now!

Once you have registered,login and complete your country offer and submit(the offer starts from $0.10 to $50.00)

You can also earn money for each referral you get(you will earn $0.10 for each referral you get)

You will get paid for every Friday.

After you have collect enough money,you can buy the cash card or anything you want!

Here's the payment proof from paypal:

Site that accept paypal as payment method:
With this site you can buy cash card and more via paypal because they started to accept paypal payment!

Watch the video here:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How Teens Make Money Online

You can make some paypal money online free.
First,you need a paypal account.Click here to register.Click sign up.Select premier account.Fill in all the forms and when it ask for credit card just click cancel and now you are set!
Below are some sites that I know to help you earn money:


Make money by creating hyperlink

In order to get maximum earning,make a blog and put linkbucks into good use.Try to make a blog that contains a lot of website links or download.Example,this blog.
You could see that I provide a lot of download and links.
The next thing is to get traffic to your blog.Participate in can help you.When someone is asking something that have the contain in your blog,provide them your blog link.
Make youtube account.Make some video about your blog or something you could teach.
For me is the POPSLOADER and PSAR Dumper guide.
Try not to click the link by yourself.They will think it is a fraud click and you might be banned.


Thursday, April 23, 2009


PSX2PSP is a software to convert psx iso/image/bin file to eboot that is playable in psp.

Click here to download

Edit:Recently I found that some files(zlibwapi.dll file and base.PBP file) were missing when you extract PSX2PSP.ZIP.You can download them here if those files were missing.

Download BASE.PBP
Download zlibwapi.dll

BASE.PBP:Extract it and put it in the Files folder(C:\PSX2PSP\Files)
zlibwapi.dll:Extract it and put it in the PSX2PSP main folder(C:\PSX2PSP)
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