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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix Patch Needed!

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix will be released on 20th January 2011,but the iso have been leaked today.To download it,go to the PSP ISO Download section.

However,there is a problem:Like the first release of Japanese Birth By Sleep,Square Enix has again place an anti-piracy in the game,making the game unplayable on the latest custom firmware,that is 5.50 Prometheus-4.The solution is to find the way to patch this game or wait for a new custom firmware to be released,that is the 6.35PRO-A created by a Chinese developer,Virtuous Flame.This post will be used to update the patch or any solution created to make Birth By Sleep Final Mix playable.

The patch have been released!Download the patch,get an untouched(clean) iso and rename it cvn-khbbsfm.iso,then run the patch!

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