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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How Teens Make Money Online

You can make some paypal money online free.
First,you need a paypal account.Click here to register.Click sign up.Select premier account.Fill in all the forms and when it ask for credit card just click cancel and now you are set!
Below are some sites that I know to help you earn money:


Make money by creating hyperlink

In order to get maximum earning,make a blog and put linkbucks into good use.Try to make a blog that contains a lot of website links or download.Example,this blog.
You could see that I provide a lot of download and links.
The next thing is to get traffic to your blog.Participate in can help you.When someone is asking something that have the contain in your blog,provide them your blog link.
Make youtube account.Make some video about your blog or something you could teach.
For me is the POPSLOADER and PSAR Dumper guide.
Try not to click the link by yourself.They will think it is a fraud click and you might be banned.


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